Ticket and a lesson

Ticket and a lesson

Had to share, ladies.

So, this morning in my Sunday school class one of my kiddos got the honor of teaching. (You see, I have a ticket system. Every time they bring a friend to Sunday school they get a ticket. After so long whoever gets the most tickets gets a prize. Low and behold, as a prize they wanted to be able to teach the class one morning. Who knew?) She came in that morning and I honestly thought she would forget but she came to me and said "Mrs. Tori, I know what I want to teach but I need you to help me find it in the Bible". With my cup overflowing I sat down and we looked it up. 

She wanted to teach about "that man that got out of the boat to walk toward Jesus". We all sat down and opened our Bible's to Matthew 14:22 to read about Good Ole Peter. We read straight from the Word and after we read the passage she began to start a discussion. She asked all the kiddos gathered around to discuss a time when they began to doubt. All kinds of stories arose as you can only imagine from the mouth of babes. 

Doubt..... such an ugly word but we've all done it. God knew when he made us that we were not perfect and that we would doubt at times. Peter doubted when the winds began to rise and he took his eyes off of Jesus. I'm sure you all know the story but if you don't it's definitely worth the read! What happened when Peter took his eyes off of Jesus? He began to sink.

When is the last time that your eyes were completely fixed on Jesus?  Not worrying about all the chaos that is going on around you? Don't think I'm beating you up, friends because I assure you I'm talking to myself too.

Ask yourself this. When life is crazy do you feel like you are sinking? I sure do.

Ladies, we all have super busy lives and lots of people counting on us. We are wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, employees, cooks, housekeepers, nurses, etc. Holy moly, I could go on for days about all the hats we wear and yes, it's exhausting! 

Fix your eyes on Jesus. Get to your designated prayer space or just pick a spot and talk to Him. I assure you, He is always there just waiting for you to show up. Every time you doubt or feel overwhelmed it's time to step back and fix your eyes on the one who can save you. The one who will always be there and lift you up. The one you can always count on no matter what. The dishes, cleaning and laundry can wait. I promise. 

That little girl blessed my heart today. She had the kids craft with paper plates and paper boats. Coloring them to make them look like the sea. We placed Peter and Jesus and each child remembered that story. I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed it. So much I had to share. I hope you enjoyed it too. 

Keep your eyes on Jesus, my friends. 

Till next time, 




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